Molly Elizabeth at Udemy

Last week Molly Elizabeth of Udemy contacted me to ask if I would look over a new, free HTML5 guide recently posted on the Udemy blog by Mark Lassoff.

I’ve been mighty busy with my two sons, Aiden, 2.5 years old, and Joshua, just 8 months and I failed to respond. But Molly would not be deterred. She emailed me three times.

Good for you, Molly! I love that kind of persistence from anyone who is not a bill collector.

Udemy, for those who don’t know, is an online learning site replete with courses of all kinds, including a wide offering of coding courses. The link she sent me above lands on a really basic HTML guide for the rawest of beginners. It is essentially just a teaser for the paid course, but it does offer a starting point and is worth a look for total newbies. I liked that he included a bit about displaying media because newbies always seem to want to embed audio or video on day one.

So I want to thank Molly for pulling my coat to that and for inspiring me to take a fresh look at the entire course catalogue at Udemy. The number of free courses at Udemy is impressive. Below are some I intend to check out:

Thanks, Molly.

Fonts and Typefaces

A font is what you use, a typeface is what you see.

These days everything seems to trip me up. My thoughts just dart from one place to the next.  What’s the difference between a  font and a typeface? Do you spell web with a capital ‘W’? And then I click on something and *poof* my train of thought is gone.

Capitalization of “web” and “Internet”

Chicago now prefers web, website, web page, and so forth—with a lowercase w. But capitalize World Wide Web and Internet. 7.76.

Chicago Manual of Style

I just want to make sure my HTML and CSS templates are up to speed and here I’m hung up on capitalization and fonts.

Besides my ADD, the issue at hand is this: should I use @import in my CSS to load my fonts or just add them in the html as a link?

Google fonts is fantastic. I love the real-time analytics.

But I’m not sure how I want to use it.

Look! A shiny new thing! Typecast!

Stick to the issue: should I use @import?

The answer according to Guru Steve Souders is no.

Here’s why: using @import causes the individual css files to load sequentially, rather than in parallel.

There you have it.

Or will I need a Web font loader?

Web Tutorials

You can learn just about anything about Web development online for free.

For learning basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, start at Codecademy. For me it was time well spent.

Other helpful general knowledge sites include:

Further Reading: