A decent place to start learning basic JavaScript for free is Codecademy. I also recommend the MDN. Smashing Magazine, one of my favorite places to learn, has a helpful JavaScript Essentials page. People rightfully rave about Douglas Crockford. I wouldn’t stop there, however. You’ll need to spend three to six hours a day over the course of several months […]


CSS is a dark art. That’s about the best you can say about it. To be honest CSS is a real drag. It destroys your mood and saps your confidence. Things that seem simple just aren’t. It takes way too long to get it right.  If you haven’t been frustrated or annoyed with it, you […]


Bare bones HTML is the goal: spartan markup with a focus on accessibility, semantic precision and readability. Here are the resources and references I use most for HTML. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) HTML Tech spec for Web developers by the WHATWG Move the Web Forward Dive into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim XHTML Character […]