Here’s a script I wrote and voiced for WhozTop?

May, 2014

When it comes to achievements talk is cheap.

We can brag and trash-talk forever and a day but to be the best you have to beat the best and it only counts if everyone sees it fair and square.

Welcome to WhozTop, the world’s first competitive social network.

WhozTop is an App that allows you to quickly create a competition, contest or poll on whatever you like, set the rules, and then start competing to see WhozTop.

You can limit the contestants to just your closest friends or open it up to the entire world and anything in-between. You set the duration to anything from one hour to one year. The choice is yours.

It’s easy and fun!

Whatever you think you can do better than anyone else, create a challenge on WhozTop and share your glory with your friends.

Think you can jump highest in your 11th grade gym class?  WhozTop will settle the challenge once and for all. Put your best to the test and rank the rest. Rankings and stats are stored and tracked live by the hour, day, week, month, year, and even all-time.

And you don’t have to compete yourself if you don’t want to. You can search and follow any existing user competition or create a new throw-down for others to join.

Wanna know who is the dopest Emcee ever in the history of Hip-Hop? Who threw down the sickest slam dunk of all-time?

No problem! Users can vote by “liking” a claim.

WhozTop will quickly become the go-to place to settle any debate since all results are stored and searchable at your finger-tips.

Whether you want to show off or just follow along, WhozTop is the place to be.

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